The Life Of Mine Is Interesting.

Thank God.

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The Fear.
Woke up very early this morning, as i need to reach Clementi Camp by 8am!! Super tiring!! Well as i was in the toilet washing up and stuffs, all of the sudden i felt fear. Fear in terms of fearing of how powerful my God is. I really felt scared and really worried more about my spiritual walk with God. And i finally really understand this phrase, " Live today like that is no tomorrow"  at that point of morning i was full of thoughts. I really can understand what is really the fear of what may happen tomorrow. As i won't know what will happen tomorrow and stuffs like that. Man it is really scary!!! I spend some time with God this morning in the toilet repenting and asking for forgiveness in my life. I really thank God for his grace!! And on my way to camp, i spend some time reading the word of God in the bus.

And today in Proverbs  4:14-19 really taught me today that i need to mix with more GODLY PPL!!! I really need to separate myself from people who are not doing well with God but that doesn't mean we are not friends or what!! I really need to be in the right influence because it is my life that i am talking about. It is spiritual relationship with my God, which is so much more important than anything else on this earth. And today i finally realize that pursuing the things of this world is not worth it at all!! I really have to focus on the right things!! Though the things that i like to do is also important but is the secondary or thirdly or forth to be objective in my life!! I am so yearning after God's heart now!! Damn!! i really need to love God!!! And when i learn to love God naturally, i will also naturally love people!! Cheers to that man!! 

And also i learn in Proverbs 4:20-27 is the Word of God is life!! It is health to our body!!! And our heart must always be guarded!! And the words that we say must always be on the alert, because our mouth is a weapon. It either bless or it kills. Today i really evaluated myself in my camp of the things i done. I realize that i need to change a lot of things in certain part of my life!! I want to bless others and not hurt others!! I want to love people!! Because this people needs to know the truth which is knowing God!!! Damn!! kinda burden for them!! 

Life is really too short!! i have spent 1/4 of my life already. I really need to improve and have more breakthroughs!! Life without God is totally meaningless because God himself is life!! I look at my fishes just now. I am so amazed about God's creation. My fishes have just given birth to more baby fishes. I really am honored of how God give life to this animals. God is really and truly amazing and awesome!! God gives!! And i really thank God!! Cheers God!!! =)


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