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Thank God.

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The Funny Day.
Finally thought it will be a cool and nice weather for today but it seems that it turn out to be the other way around. Work today was quite simple. Prepared what i need for tomorrow reporting at PKTC, and as per usual my big boss is turning himself into a time bomb over small little stuffs. I really simply can't wait to get out of this office!!! This place really makes me very tired and stressed out. Can't wait to ORD!! I guess that is most of the NSF in Singapore who always look forward to. I believe that serving this nation for this 2 years is totally a waste of my time and effort. And i would rather use this 2 years on something else. i have no choice but to finish this 2 years. It is a total waste. Learning Point is totally nothing. Well, this is also something that i have to go through.

Today i wanted to go to the airport to study, but when i reached Paya lebar MRT station, i realize that i didn't top up my EZ Link card!! And the funny thing is i didn't have money!! i couldn't top up and i only could take bus!! So i decided to go home! Hopefully i will study later. And the weather is really killing me!! Damn is super hot!! I really wish that i am in a cold country now!! i love cold!!

So right now i am at home and blogging. Its really been years since i blog. I am so gonna pour out all my feelings and thoughts over here. I hopefully it could be a good place to share some of it. But i believe it is also the worst place, because it is the internet. That is a total dis-advantage of writing your journal.

So i left with approximate of 4 months left  [ including this month] to ORD. I have 2 months left to study in order to pass my theory test in LASSALLE!! i really can't afford to fail, because i really don't wanna go summer school. I am so going to do my best and believe that God will do the rest. I putting all my trust in him. And music theory is really tiring. Its the only thing that makes me want to fall asleep. But yet i still love it. HAHA. =)
As i said i will continue!! Man, just did a ton of music theory!! man my eyes are so heavy. It feels life as if i am carry to big elephants on my eyes!! Well, i really need God to help me in my theory!! Impossible but i believe that God he will make the impossible become possible!! This is what all faith is about!! Well, life have been really tough!! It is so tough to fight for my salvation. I really need to buck up in my relationship with God. I seriously am struggling but i need to have breakthrough!!! 
Living a life for God is tough!!! I really need to start fasting for my life!! I so want to see my life go into the next level!! I know deep in me i have lots of potential and gift-ings but yet is not shown because there is so much things to let go and move on and improve and grow in!! God i really seek your help!! Send your Holy Spirit, Holy Angels and Godly ppl in my life to help me grow!!! I am so in need of him!!! Damn!!! I seriously need you GOD!!!!

Going Off to Bed.

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Yo!!! Write more Write more~!~! :x So I can read in school when bored hahahahaa

Welcome to Livejournal!!!

Cool beans.

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